This system of logos was created for the in-game operations of a new Girl Scouts program called “Journey World.”  Inside a small-scale city, young participants take on roles within various institutions. Their goal is nothing less than a full-scale resurrection of the city.

The logo system was developed with the intent to walk several fine lines. They had to be generic in an “every city” sense, as Journey World would travel the nation, while still being specific to the program. Due to the target demographics’ age range of approximately 7-13, they also must be accessible and sophisticated. Its overarching color scheme was drawn directly from the Girl Scouts branding system. By drawing on the architecture of the buildings (created by some of Chicago’s finest set designers), a pure sense of geometry, and the universal archetypes of each of these entities, the logos were able to create a distinctive and fun addition for this immersive learning experience.

Credits: This project was produced while working as a contractor for Gameflow Interactive 

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