Your brand is the overarching dimension against which all other manifestations are measured. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of a concept or re-envisioning, we can work together to align your brand narrative with business goals. Creating a strong, concise foundation allows your brand to focus, flourish and most importantly — connect.


A logo is much more than a symbol next to type — it’s the most pure expression of your brand message. An identity system grows out to an entire language encompassing stationery, color palettes, copy voice, icon systems, photography styles, and more.


From business cards to mailers to advertisements, your brand must maintain integrity across a diversity of materials. My background in printing and managing large projects from campaigns to catalogs ensures that the language of your brand speaks consistently.


Your brand increasingly exists in a digital space. What was once only websites is now social media, apps, electronic billboards and an open field of innovation. I work closely with top-notch web and content developers to bring your brand voice to a brilliant, dynamic life.

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Design is vision made visual.

Opening a client up to the possibilities of their vision is an essential role for a graphic designer. Whether your brand is just getting off the ground or in need of a refresh, I help you articulate the big picture. That means asking the right questions, evaluating the answers and presenting a diversity of options to hone in on the best solution.

With two decades of experience in theory and production, I am exceptionally skilled in balancing the needs of a high concept vision with its practical execution. As a contract designer, I excel on projects of all sizes. A process and organization specialist, I ensure that your brand not only communicates successfully, but is built with a solid foundation geared for growth in all its many forms.

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  • I’ve had the joy of working with Clint as an interactive and print designer on a wide range of projects – from complex website designs to festival banners to brand development projects. He’s a joy to work with – he draws from a deep well of research, technique and inventive play, and knows how to deliver a well-developed finished product on time and on budget. As someone who loves to develop agilely and get into prototypes as fast as possible, Clint’s speed, responsiveness, and creative range make him one of my favorite people to collaborate with.

    Nick Keenan Principal at Marshall Creative/NickXD
  • I was happy to find myself on a team with Clint at my first agency job in Chicago. One thing that stands out about Clint is his consistent take-no-short-cuts approach to design. He taught me a great deal about developing a sturdy concept as the base to every design—no matter how big or small. Clint is not only a exemplary designer, but also a talented writer, self-starter, investigator and motivator—an excellent asset to any team.

    Melissa Leonard Designer at BatesMeron Sweet Design
  • From a personable yet professional demeanor to expert knowledge to flawless deliverables, Clint is always a designer I’d recommend, especially for identity systems design or digital. As a web development professional, I demand a high level of proficiency when I’m contracting a web design project. Web isn’t print—and Clint gets that. His work is always concept-driven and follows (or rather leads) the ever-changing digital landscape. When I’ve worked with Clint, he’s understood the limitations of what digital presents… and also when to question when a boundary can be pushed, which is a quality I find necessary in a designer who is committed to advancing the field, rather than marinating in the status quo.”

    Sonyl Nagale Collaborator on several freelance web projects
  • Wielding sharply honed skill sets in identity, print and online media, Clint makes a phenomenal addition to any design team. His natural enthusiasm to learn and adopt creative technologies makes him a vast resource of executional savvy, and allows him to produce work at a pace rare in the industry. Beyond that, he’s a crack copywriter which is a great pairing to his sense of meaningful design and awareness of brand identity. As a team member, Clint possesses a warm and engaging personality, quickly developing excellent rapport with clients and fellow teammates alike. His ability to take initiative and innovate when necessary means that Clint adds quantifiable value at every level.

    Phil Black Founder of TripleSpoke
  • Clint is great to work with. You can give him a project and he will always hit the ground running. A great organizer of ideas and thoughts. He has never missed a deadline and goes above and beyond any expectation on any job I have worked with him or have given him as a freelance designer. He has always had a thirst for learning new technology that would help him make his work easier and more interesting. A great design style! Very clean. I would recommend Clint on any job.

    Joe Ninni TripleSpoke Independent Contractor and Professional Illustrator
  • I have worked with scores of different graphic designers over my career and Clint stands out as one of the absolute best. He is both professional and personable making him very easy to work with. He consistently performs using proven design methodologies. His studies in fine art influence his work adding touches of sophistication and elegance. His branding efforts have completely transformed and rejuvenated stagnant organizations. Mr. May is destined to leave a lasting impression on the design community.  

    Travis Engelhaupt Client and former co-worker at The Center for Food Security & Public Health
  • Clint is a gem to work with. He approaches each project in a fresh, innovative and thoughtful manner and constantly researches, analyzes and recommends modern technologies. He introduced and implemented storage and project management tools to our team, which made us work more efficiently and effectively while ensuring brand consistency. He has an extremely pleasant and professional demeanor when working with his peers and with the client directly. A proven problem solver, Clint is patient, responsive and articulate. My team and I have benefitted immeasurably from his wealth of experience, resourcefulness and enthusiasm.

    Karen Juneau Project Manager at Sync360
  • Clint is one of the most brilliant polymaths in Chicago. He's a designer who can write. He's a writer who can design. He's a critic who creates and a creative who critiques. Small wonder he's making his mark as both a thought leader and a productive member of society. Clint May? No—Clint will.

    Shachar Meron Partner at BatesMeron Sweet Design